Are Banned Accounts or Devices Effective for PUBG Mobile Cheat?

Cheat injection for PUBG Mobile games has become a very important debate on social media.

Almost all are victims of injection cheats while fighting in the game.

More players are playing PUBG mobileAnd many people use cheats to get a chicken supper.

This game is known to be difficult to play because there are so many things to consider in-game and during-game.

Not only that, this cheat is also used in some local tournaments held in some areas.

Tencent’s social media is doing its best to resolve this issue with the latest updates.

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Banned PUBG mobile accounts and devices

So far, all types of hacks or cheats used in PUBG Mobile are subject to sanctions in the following ways: forbidden.

The ban that Tencent usually gives Banned accounts, This means that your account will no longer be available.

PUBG Mobile Strategy

Some people are banned for a period of time, while others are banned for the rest of their lives.

On this injection cheat issue, many netizens attacked PUBG Mobile social media to eradicate these cheetahs.

Tencent offers two prohibition options. Banned accounts And Banned devices, Many people have strengths and weaknesses in both.

Banned accounts

With this one penalty, the cheetah account will be removed from the game and you will not be able to play it.

This ban usually takes so long that players will not be able to play again.

The ban is very effective, but unfortunately they can create a new account again and make the cheat available again.

Therefore, the punishment for fraudsters seems to be less effective than other punishments.

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Banned devices

In our opinion, this punishment is most effective because the device you are using is banned.

If you want to use any account on your device, you cannot enter PUBG Mobile.

Players think twice about buying a new mobile phone or new tablet just to play the game.


The best way to get rid of a cheetah is to provide a banned account and a banned device at the same time.

That way, cheetahs will no longer be able to participate in PUBG Mobile. Even more so in tournaments.

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