Apple Will Launch Apple Gloves VR Gaming Device, What Is It?

Illustration of VR Gloves for gaming


Illustration of VR Gloves for gaming

GridGames.ID – The gadget giant from the United States, Apple, is rumored to be producing a VR gaming device called Apple Gloves.

The plan, Apple Gloves will be one part of a series of Virtual Reality (VR) devices that Apple will release in the future.

More specifically, Apple Gloves will replace the keyboard and mouse when users use the Apple VR Headset while playing games.

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Meanwhile, the news that Apple will produce Apple Gloves itself was first revealed through Apple’s latest patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

For those who don’t know, the USPTO is an independent United States agency that grants patents to the intellectual property and copyrights of individuals or groups.

According to a statement at the USPTO, Apple named this technology patent as “Pressure force sensor for wearables”.

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Although Apple has not officially announced what the patent is for, but from the image and explanation of how it works in the USPTO patent, it is enough to explain that this patent refers to the Apple Gloves device.

Then, how do the Apple Gloves work according to the USPTO patent?


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