Apple, Meta, and Discord Give User Data to Hackers!

Follow the trail Discord, Apple and Meta reported to have submit customer data to hacker disguised as a law enforcement officer for free!


According to reports Bloombergthe incident occurred in mid-2022 and resulted in Apple and Meta providing the undercover hacker with the customer’s IP address, phone number, and home address.

Bloomberg said that three people familiar with the situation had reported that hackers filed “emergency data request“, which usually happens during criminal investigations when law enforcement wants information about a specific account.

What has been done by Apple and Meta seems to have also been experienced by Discord. The chat application is known to have submitted user data to a user hacker 18 years old.

For the same reason, it shows that hacking under the pretext of fake emergency data requests is becoming more and more common. Hackers it hacks police department emails to process fake emergency data requests.

“This tactic poses a significant threat across the technology industry. We continue to invest in capabilities Trust & Safety us to address issues that arise like this,” said a Discord spokesperson.

Apple, Meta, and Discord Ready to Bring Hackers to Law

Not wanting to stand still, Apple, Meta, and Discord prepare to fight back Hackers who succeeded in defrauding them in the realm of local law.

One of them is Meta which has reviewed each data request for legal adequacy, and uses advanced systems and processes to validate law enforcement requests and detect abuse.

“We block accounts known to be compromised from making requests and are working with law enforcement to respond to incidents involving suspected fraudulent requests, as we have done in this case,” a Meta spokesperson said. Bloomberg.

Investigations into this matter have revealed that hacker behind this data breach were minors from the UK and the United States who had links to a cyber group known as “Recursion Team“.

Although the Recursion Team is no longer active, intelligence believes that its members are now directly affiliated with the hacker group Lapsus$which recently hacked Nvidia, Microsoft, Samsung, Globant, and many more.

This information stolen from Apple, Meta, and Discord will be used by hacker to carry out campaigns of harassment and financial fraud.

As of this writing, London law enforcement has announced that seven people have been arrested in connection with the hacking group.

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