Apple Arcade Game Update Stuck for 2 Months, When Will New Game Release?

Apple Arcade’s gaming subscription platform seems to be having a few hiccups in bringing out new games.

As of now, Apple Arcade game updates have been stuck for 8 weeks or about 2 months.

The last time Apple announced a list of new Apple Arcade games was on May 2.

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Prior to May 2, Apple had announced that 30 new games were coming to the Apple Arcade platform.

With the addition of these 30 games, Apple Arcade will have a total of more than 180 games.

Some of the 30 games are included in the Timeless Classic category and the App Store Greats which contains legendary classic games.

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After more than 8 weeks of not updating new games on Apple Arcade, now Apple has prepared a new game that is ready to be released this month.


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