Aphorisms For Beloved Teachers With Pictures

A collection of Aphorisms for Beloved Teachers – Teachers are the most meritorious figures after parents who make us more familiar with the world because without the services of teachers maybe we will never know if this world will feel cramped without knowledge.
There will never be deeds and gifts that can return all the kindness that teachers have given, they are always sincere and patient in educating the nation’s children so that they become useful people for religion, parents, and the State.
November 25 is a national teacher’s day which is intended to commemorate unsung services (teachers) but not only there, usually on the national teacher’s day various competitions are held such as a teacher theme poetry reading competition, speech competitions and so on.

And to enliven the national teacher’s day 1nfokode will share aphorisms with pictures that may be used to create wa status or facebook posts as participation as children of the nation.

A collection of pictures of words of wisdom about teachers

Unsung heroes

We used to be like blank paper
Maybe just a little scratch
And even that is totally hygienic
However, not anymore
When you start to scribble on me
With pictures, text and numbers
You fill the void with knowledge and knowledge
You started teaching about names and characters
We also started to feel less innocent
We also started to love the scratches
Then we started to be able to open the window of the world
As you expected
Hope for a lot of knowledge
Which will be a provision for us for the future
Then we know the way to hope
Because you lead us there
I walked it gradually, with full of hope
Still carrying messages and advice from him
Then we seem far away from him
Even though it was so close
Between us and you are like parents and children
Because you are our parents at school

A Teacher’s Struggle

Teacher… You are
Warriors who are ready to fortify us
For the sake of the intelligence of this nation You train us to be strong
You taught us to win
You guide us to success
You were angry when we gave up
You were disappointed when we failed
But you are happy when we win Master…
Your struggle is glorious
You are willing to sacrifice everything
For we are not yet mature nation

Poetry for the Koran Teacher

I am ignorant in science
How it is nothing more ancient than my stupidity
From my worthy humiliation
With your glorious glory
with your gentle nature
with the subtlety of your compassion
You know I’m weak, I’m stupid
don’t you reject me
with your gentle and compassionate nature
If there is something good in me
it’s all thanks to your love and guidance
you have the right to sue me
When there is crime in me
that’s the reason is my negligence
you have the right to sue me
How I got your compassion
Even though I was stupid in my ignorance
Your love is great
Yet so bad my behavior
Your love is great
What the hell is closing between me and you?
You told me to pay attention to nature
On the coverage of the inner sheath
I’m embarrassed…
In front of you I obey
But behind you I betrayed
In front of you I nod obediently
But behind you I raise my arms proudly
When sin has covered my sight
Your advice reminds me
When frustration gnaws at me
I found your rebuke
I’m just a lowly human
Your guidance opens up hope
You are like a lantern in the dark night
Like when I was your student
Keep my heart protected
From the distraction of dark grip
Then my desire rose
To lean on you
Actually this heart is tired
This body is really tired
These legs can’t stand it anymore
Don’t leave me in disappointment
Don’t you reject my plea
Don’t keep me behind
Teach me science
who is in hiding
With your great love
I stay in your teaching
Get me out of humiliation
Clear me of doubt
Purify me from shirk
Before I enter the grave
Please and help me
You are the publisher of light in my heart
You are my joy
when all nature bores me
You are my guide to me
So that the truth radiates from my heart
Give me a blessing
Tie this heart with a drop of your love
This heart really misses you
You are the lantern
Your light penetrates the soul
You are the lantern
That illuminates the dark night
You are the lantern
Always shining
You are my lantern
You are my lamp
You are my builder
So please me…!
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