Apex Legends Mobile Beta Version Coming Soon in New Territories!

GridGames.ID – Apex Legends Mobile is one of the mobile games whose release is highly anticipated by the public.

This is because the PC and console versions of the Apex Legends game are quite popular, so the release of the mobile version is highly anticipated.

The Indonesian public is no exception, who are also looking forward to the presence of the Battle Royale genre game.

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EA itself has actually released the Beta version of Apex Legends Mobile in Indonesia some time ago.

At that time, a number of Android smartphone users in Indonesia were reported to be able to try playing the popular game.

Now that it’s finished in Indonesia, EA is rumored to be expanding its Apex Legends Mobile expansion by releasing its Beta version in new regions.

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Then, which new region will be the place for the release of the Beta version of the Apex Legends Mobile game?


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