Apex Legends Launches War Games Event, There Are 5 New Game Modes!

Apex Legends War Games Events

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends War Games Events

GridGames.ID – Apex Legends again presents a new event for all of its loyal players.

Launching from the official website EA, Apex Legends launched a new event called War Games as a series of events to close Season 8 which will end on 3 May.

Respawn and EA promise some interesting things at the War Games event such as limited game modes, cosmetic and accessory bundles, and the Epic Rampart skin.

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The War Games event will only last for 15 days, from May 13 to May 27 2022.

During these 15 days, Apex Legends players can enjoy 5 game modes and collect prizes that have been offered by Respawn Entertainment.

For information, the 5 game modes in the War Games event have different play schedules.

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The first game mode is called mode Second Chance.

Second Chance Mode will take place on Tuesday (13/4) to Thursday (15/4).


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