Apex Legends is coming to the mobile platform

Respawn Entertainment just announced in its latest blog post that they are going to be released Apex legends on the platform Cell phone, mobile phone. This news is of course good news for everyone player who are really looking forward to the arrival of you Battle Royale game This is best on smaller devices. Plus, that announcement is just a month later Apex legends released on Nintendo Switch.

Style of play on the platform Cell phone, mobile phone it will be similar to the PC version and console where are you still playing Battle Royale competitive with one Legends each with their own unique skills. But although it is played like a PC and console, Specialty Accessibility and the settings Redesigned controls with changes that are more appropriate when played on small touchscreens Cell phone, mobile phone.

With this change Apex Legends Mobile will have no functions Crossplay with other platforms. What is version? Cell phone, mobile phone Is that free? Yes sir. Games It will be completely free and even have a battle pass as well as Products Cosmetics like skins and others that are different from the PC version and console.

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Respawn itself didn’t reveal the exact release date, but the stage did Beta test will be launched for Android users in India and the Philippines in spring 2022. After that version beta this will gradually be extended to iOS and other regions around the world. Interesting to see how Battle Royale game This popular player plays on the platform Cell phone, mobile phone.

In addition, Respawn has also revealed details Update to the Season 9 linked to Titanfall game, the studio has released a new short film “Stories from the Outlands” starring Valkyrie, the character Legends later at the latest.

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest news on Gimbot to see when Respawn will open the login page for. opens Apex Legends Mobile Beta Test. And you can see the guide list Apex legends here will help you play better.

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