Apex Legends is coming to mobile in 2022! Click here for the release date!

Apex Legends will be available on mobile in 2022 and the release date is here! Respawn Entertainment has entered the battle royale genre in the form of Apex Legends. It was released last year and had little or no marketing or promotion from them or EA.

The game surprised many. Apex Legends is a fast-paced battle royale game that emphasizes and encourages team play. Each team of three members can choose from 13 current legends, each with their own unique skills and abilities.

Similar to games such as Overwatch and more recently Valorant, the various characters selected by the team can completely change the dynamics of the match. Therefore, at Apex Legends, finding the right combination for your team is paramount.

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Other games of the same genre, such as PUBG and Fortnite, are huge in the mobile market, and the introduction of Apex Legends to mobile is also under debate. EA has also not commented on this until recently.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson talked yesterday about finally bringing Apex Legends to the mobile platform through a soft release in 2022 !! This is for fans who have played the game on consoles or PCs. Good news.

This is great news for the average mobile game fan. Games like PUBG Mobile have dominated the mobile gaming market since its release, and Fortnite also has a big presence, so other options could be good.

Apex Legends coming to mobile in the fall of 2022

The fall 2022 release date for this mobile version of Apex Legends has been confirmed by Respawn and EA. Given the success of the game on consoles and PCs, we can also see that it will be a hit for mobile game fans as well.

The fast gameplay of this Battle Royale genre game is undoubtedly very popular with fans, and the story and background behind Apex Legends is also a big part of the game that fans appreciate.

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For curious spinners, this is Apex Legends gameplay on the PC, so it’s pretty much the same when playing on mobile.

The fall release date can be late September or early October. Sorry I made you wait!

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