Apex Legends Gives Leaks Of This New Weapon After Havoc, What Is It?

Apex legends New Weapon, L-STAR

Apex legends New Weapon, L-STAR

GridGames.ID – Apex Legends is a game battle royale belong Respawn which is currently the most sought after by the gamers.

Yesterday game Respawn this just now updates for the first time by presenting a new weapon, the Havoc Rifle.

The Havoc Rifle seems to be the most sought after and eagerly awaited weapon by its players because of its excellent abilities overpowered.

Eits, it turns out that Apex Legends doesn’t just issue a Havoc Rifle, you know and it’s reported that there will be a new weapon that is no less cool, you know, L-Star.

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Data Base contains leaked new Apex Legends weapons senjata

Data Base contains leaked new Apex Legends weapons senjata

Reporting from Intel Gaming, there is an Apex Legends database that shows the latest weapon code, namely L-Star after Havoc.

The release of the L-Star weapon is estimated to be May 2, 2022 because it is seen from code number 30 which shows the date and May only until May 28.

This L-Star weapon was previously present in the TitanFall 2 game where this weapon has pretty good damage for close range.

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L-Star is a type of firearm that uses bullets ammo energy.

Uniquely, if you succeed kill enemy with L-Star, the enemy’s body is destroyed in an instant, you know if it’s right on the head.

Unfortunately L-Star is not good for long distance use because it is quite difficult to adjust the distance.

Who can’t wait to try the L-Star weapon in Apex Legends?


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