Apart from PHP-in, these 5 annoying things often happen when ordering motorcycle taxis online

The presence of online transportation, especially motorcycle taxis on line is not foreign to us. People think that if you use a motorcycle taxi service on line it’s more practical and easier because we only have capital smartphone and internet network.

In addition, online motorcycle taxis have always been the choice of several people, especially for those who are in a hurry or want to go to places that are prone to traffic jams. But for us online motorcycle taxi customers, we know the annoying things that happen when we order a motorcycle taxi on line, want to know what’s wrong? Come on scrll down!

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Often Order Ojek Online? Must Have Experienced The Following Annoying Things!

Well, this time SmartTips.com will share the most annoying thing when ordering motorcycle taxis online. So, watch carefully, guys..

1. In PHP-in Driver

In-PHP-in Ojek Online

Have you ever been in PHP-in online motorcycle taxi drivers? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Besides crush, it turns out online motorcycle taxi drivers PHP-in is very frequent for the passengers.

While waiting and suddenly there online motorcycle taxi those who came, we just immediately confidently arrived or even climbed into their motorbikes. pass driversHe made sure the passenger automatically called his name and apparently he didn’t say our name. I want to disappear from the face of the earth, Boom!

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2. Together Waiting

Together Waiting

Together Waiting

Chat feature in the motorcycle taxi booking application on line I really like to lose, the main cause is the signal is difficult. If it’s hard to get an automatic signal, it’s hard to hear, we really hope that driversHe is sensitive and will call us.

Wait a minute, two minutes, ten minutes, zonk! It’s sad that this situation often happens because we rely too much on the internet and forget to top up credit, maybe driversher too had the same fate. And finally we and the ojek driver on line both of them are waiting because both of them don’t have phone credit.

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3. Unilateral Cancel

Unilateral Cancel

Unilateral Cancel

Isn’t it annoying when you’re in a hurry and already got it drivershe even asked for-cancel? Sometimes we as service users want to be angry but can’t because it’s useless, people drivershe doesn’t want to leave, what do we have to fight for, Tshhhhhhhh!

With various reasons, drivers like to ask cancel, either because of the remote location, running out of gas in the middle of the road, or he wants to have coffee first because he has attracted the previous customer. The point is that we have to be patient.

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4. GPS blind

GPS blind

GPS blind

“My brother is in the Confused Housing, Jalan Dizziness huh?.”

“Yeah, wait a minute okay?.”


In the appearance of our online motorcycle taxi ordering application, we can see the position drivers and the estimated time it will take him to reach his destination.

The estimated time was under 10 minutes, but in reality drivers Those who don’t know the road often go the wrong way and waste our time and the driver’s own time. This often makes us annoyed ourselves and makes us late for activities.

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5. Order 1 Come 2

Order 1 Come 2

Ojek booking app on line often very problematic, especially during peak hours (rush hour). One of the effects is the system down which makes us unable to order or order motorcycle taxis for more than one person. If you’re unlucky, you can come driversit can be more than two.

In addition to making us annoyed, this also makes us uncomfortable because we have tocancel drivers other. Afraid of being mistaken for an ignorant customer.

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So, how are you smart? Which part do you think is the most annoying? If you have experienced this or something else, write it down in the comments column below here, OK?

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