AOV Lite Update, Lighter Size with Ultra HD Graphics

GridGames.ID – Arena of Valor (AOV) announced its latest update in November 2022.

This game made by Garena has optimized the Lite version to be lighter than before.

This latest version of AOV Lite has a smaller size but still maintains the graphics quality to be Ultra HD in the game.

Not only that, the AOV update this time also added a new mode in the form of Blitz Mode and did Hero Balancing.

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Kuy, here’s the complete AOV update for November 2022.

1. AOV Latest Lite Version

The presence of AOV New Lite Version can give players several advantages, such as more storage space on your smartphone.

Not only that, in terms of gameplay it also looks smoother, but still equipped with Ultra HD graphics.

For Android devices, you only need approx 470MB, while for iOS devices, you need about 610MB of memory space.


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