AOC Masters Tournament 2022 Held Again, Oceania Becomes a Newcomer!

AOC Masters Tournament 2022

AOC Masters Tournament 2022

GridGames.ID – One of the world’s leading monitor brands, AOC, is again holding its third gaming tournament.

Titled “AOC Masters Tournament 2022”, this tournament will feature the Game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG.

Interestingly, this tournament competes with players from Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Oceania.

Well, later the home teams will test their abilities in November 2022.

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All players are invited from each country to participate through the official AOC website in their country from 6-20 October 2022.

The participants will later compete in the national qualifying round.

Celebrating the 3rd year of the AOC Masters Tournament, the gaming community and fans will see the newcomer teams raise their fighting spirit and win as a team.

However, there will be a special guest from Oceania adding to the heat of competition on the battlefield.

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