Anxious Gamers, Crypto Miners Eye AMD Ryzen CPUs for ‘Mining’

GridGames.ID – After the scarcity of VGA Gaming, it seems that CPU components will also have the potential to experience shortages.

This is due to the actions of crypto currency miners, especially Raptoreum.

Launching from UK’s Bitcoin Press, cryptocurrency miner Raptoreum is currently hunting AMD Ryzen CPUs for mining activities.

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In early 2022, cryptocurrency mining activities had an impact on the scarcity of graphics cards or computer VGA.

Miners of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum buy tens or even hundreds of VGA from Nvidia and AMD as a mining tool.

As a result, many gamers and content creators don’t get the new VGA output because they run out of stock or the price is too expensive.

Crypto mining tool derived from computer VGA

Crypto mining tool derived from computer VGA

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Then, how does crypto mining work using AMD Ryzen CPUs? See the explanation on the next page.


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