Anticipating RoV Pro League, PSG Esports Announces Arena of Valor Division

PSG Esports announces Arena of Valor division


PSG Esports announces Arena of Valor division

GridGames.ID – Who does not know the football team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The organization also created an eSports division in 2022.

Now, they have announced that they have expanded the eSports scene by creating a roster lineup for the League of Legends division in Thailand.

Later, the PSG Esports Arena of Valor (AOV) division will compete in the 2022 Winter RoV Pro League competition.

The formation of the AOV team in Thailand by PSG Esports is indeed one of the main goals to improve the eSports scene in the region.

Moreover, the RoV Pro League competition is one of the largest competitive platforms in Thailand because it has 37 million registered players.

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Fabien Allegre, as Director of Merchandising and Brand Diversification at PSG, said that the formation of the team was a continuation of their eSports strategy.

He also added that it was another significant step in the development of PSG Esports in mobile gaming, one of the platforms that has seen impressive growth in recent years.

Until now, they have not released a roster list that joins the Arena of Valor division.


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