Anthony Davis refuses to sign the Lakers and his next plan is this!

It seems to be one of the biggest concerns of the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason because Anthony Davis is rumored to reject the player’s options, which is his next plan.

The news quickly spread as Anthony Davis reportedly planned to re-contract with the team after opting out of the contract.

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Davis has just finished his first great season at the Lakers and led the team to the 17th NBA Championship with LeBron James for the first time in 10 years.

The decision of AD’s next free agent has been a hot topic in the league for the past few days, but now players are definitely sealing rumors of withdrawal.

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According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Davis will cancel the deal and will meet with the Lakers in the coming days to brush up on the details of the new deal.

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“Davis will opt out of the $ 28.7 million player option and re-sign with the Lakers, sources told The Athletic.

“The advertiser and his agent, Rich Paul, will discuss the most sensible situation and terms and conditions for Davis in the coming weeks.

“Among the expected deals for Davis this offseason (estimated based on a $ 109.140,000 salary cap):

  • 2nd year, $ 68,103,360: 1 plus 1 option, 2nd year player.

  • 3rd year, $ 106,084,080: 2 + 1 player option in the 3rd year. Under this agreement, Davis will be commissioned 10 years before the 2022 free agent.

“Therefore, he can qualify for up to 35% of the contract. By 2022, he will use the $ 125 million limit.

“That is, Davis’s largest transaction value is $ 253.75 million over five years and $ 196 million over four years.

  • 4th year, $ 146,684,160: 3 + 1st, 4th year player options. Using the potential $ 131.25 million cap by 2023, Davis will earn up to $ 266.4 million in five years and $ 205.8 million in four years.

For the Lakers and Davis, things don’t seem to be improving right now. They just won their first NBA Championship together, and this relationship doesn’t end soon.

If the player reveals what he wanted to do again during the title celebration and agrees to fight the Lakers again, that will happen.

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