An easy way to get Hayato “Fire Brand” with Free Fire !!

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary offers Free Fire enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire the Hayato Fire brand for their second awakening.

Hayato Firebrand is available today, August 19, 2022. But that’s not easy.

As with the first Kelly Awakening, players will have to complete difficult missions to acquire the Hayato Fire brand.

Here’s an easy way to get a stable Free Fire Awakening. First of all, what is a mission?

Hayato Firebrand Awakening Mission

Source: Calger

The mission given to this player by Galena is quite difficult. This is because players need to play multiple games to complete a mission.

The mission is as follows:

    • Collect with weapons in all modes (except room matches) 16000 damage To the enemy.
    • In all modes (except room match) Defeat 3 enemies with a sword.
    • In all modes (except room match) Kill 10 enemies when HP is 100 or less.
    • In all modes (except room match) Get a booya! 10 times in total.

Actually, 4 missions can be paid in installments by playing normal mode. Immediately, your mission will be accomplished slowly.

However, there is a quick way to complete the mission and you can get Firebrand Life quickly.

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Avoid rank matches

Don’t be too brave to complete a mission in a ranked match. This can significantly reduce your rank.

Rank matches require seriousness in difficult games if you focus on completing missions.

Just play classic mode or any other mode. Katana mission And HP is low.

It’s very difficult to complete both missions, so complete them with the classic mod.

In classic mode, you’ll find players and bots that are less capable than you.

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Play Crash Squad

In this mode, you can focus on completing the mission to collect damage and kill it if you’re lucky. Also, Booyah!

Clash Squad is a surefire way to quickly collect damage, although players must always play wild.

Unfortunately, this mode does not provide sword weapons, so you cannot complete a sword in Clash Squad mode.

Well, you can try it right away.

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