An easy way to combine multiple audios without using

Sometimes when we’re listening to a song in MP3 format that we happen to have many on our devices, we want to combine them into one track. There are many reasons why we want to combine Files MP3s are becoming a single track, and the most common reason is that we want to keep them compact or inseparable.

Currently to be combined Files MP3 or better Files Audio because mostly Files Audio in MP3 format can be created very easily. In fact, you can combine them without relying on an application. That means you just have to open one site without installing it.

If you are interested in combining audio without an application, then you can listen to the tutorial below.

Remarks: This method can also be used in Smartphone Android and iOS.


1. Open Audio Joiner.

2. Enter Files Audio you want to combine by clicking Add Track.

3. Before the audio is combined, you can also cut it first.

4. You can also change the audio position by clicking the arrow.

5. You can also change the format Files in M4A, WAV and FLAC.

6. If there is nothing to cut or the cutting process is complete, please click Merge.

7. Done.

You can have more than 10. upload Files Audio. But what you should know is always more Files uploaded, the merge process will take longer.

This is a tutorial on how to combine multiple audios easily without an application. Hope it’s useful.

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