Among Us Launches on Xbox, PS4, and PS5 End of the Year, Save the Date!

Among Us on Xbox Series X

Among Us on Xbox Series X

GridGames.ID – Among Us is one of the most popular games in 2022.

This game made by Innersloth has been played by hundreds of thousands to millions of users around September 2022 on several platforms such as PC, Android, and iOS.

Unfortunately, for now the popularity of the game Among Us continues to decline and the number of active users continues to decrease.

Based on data from Steamcharts, Among Us monthly active users on the Steam platform are currently only around 5,000 people.

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Nevertheless, Innersloth continues to try to maintain the existence of the Among Us game.

Last October 21, Innersloth announced that the Among Us game would be coming to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Launching from The Verge, the Among Us game will launch on Xbox and PlayStation starting December 14, 2022.

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Then, what are the features that the Amon Us game brings on Xbox and PlayStation? See the explanation on the next page.


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