Among Us Blackpink Mod Apk, Download Now!

Among Us Blackpink Mod Apk

Among Us Blackpink Mod Apk – One of the games that has been playing a lot lately is the Among Us game. So crowded and interesting this one game, many players or players of this game are looking for another version or a different version to be able to play this game in an exciting and fun way. The other version we mean is the modified version

Generally, games that are quite popular will definitely be presented with a modified version. One of them also happened in the game Among Us. Where there is already a third party outside the official developer who presents a modified version. On this occasion we will share and also explain the Among Us Mod Apk game for the Blackpink version or the Among Us Pink Apk version

So far there are many modified versions for the game Among Us. Now we will share the version that many players are looking for. There are many reasons why players are looking for the version that we will share with you. One of the strong reasons is where by using this version of Blackpink players will get many features

Well, now please download Among Us Blackpink Mod Apk on the link that we have prepared. So that you don’t misunderstand or fail to understand about the Among us game, the mod apk version that we share, it’s a good idea for you to know detailed information about the game that we share by reading this article to the end.

What is Among Us Blackpink Mod?

Before downloading or installing Among Us Blackpink, what else to use. It’s good for you to know more details about this modified game. So the modified version of the Among Us game application file that we will share is a game that has been modified by a third party, which is of course not open or certain in coordination and administration.

Because it is closed, many people suspect or think that this modified game is illegal or does not have official permission. However, players can play this game easily and freely. Moreover, by using Among Us Pink, there will be many advantages because it has many interesting features to play

Among Us Pink Mod Apk Features

So that you know more and are more sure if you really want to use the application that we are going to share, make sure you know and understand what features are contained in this modified application and what features can be used. Now, just take a look at the list of features in this Among Us Pink Mod game

  • Full Speed
  • There is Blackpink Music
  • No ads
  • There is a new skin
  • No kill cooldown
  • No penalty
  • Radar imposter
  • Pets open
  • And many others

Download Among Us Blackpink Mod Apk

After you know the information about this game, including what features you can get and use, then the next step or step, please just download the application that we have prepared. Make sure you really feel confident and steady if you really want to use this application


If you have successfully downloaded the file above. Next, please just install it so that it can be used on your cellphone. To be able to install usually there are difficulties. The difficulty is generally because the device does not allow installation from unknown sources. Please reset your cellphone security settings.

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The final word

That’s all we can explain and share with you. With this modified version of Among Us, we hope that you can play this game to the fullest and have fun. Happy playing the game Among Us Blackpink Mod Apk. May your days be fun and proud

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