Among Us 3D Played Using VRChat, Presents Different Gameplay!

Among Us 3D was made via VRChat.

Youtube/Jar is my name

Among Us 3D was made via VRChat.

GridGames.ID – Recently, surprising information came from one of the games that was on the rise, Among Us.

This game, which is similar to a werewolf but with a space background, has indeed attracted the attention of various groups.

One of them, this one player created the world of Among Us again on VRChat, a platform that offers a wide collection of VR games.

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The video uploaded through the personal channel ‘Jar is my name’ with the title Among Us in VRCHAT, has been watched by more than 130 thousand viewers.

The trailer shows that all the environments in the Among Us title are able to run well.

The Skeld map is an example of the further development of the Among Us title in a VR style in the trailer.

Among Us


Among Us

Even if you use a VR title, you don’t have to use a VR headset if you want to try this 3D map from Among Us.


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