Amily Releases New Rare Skin at Arena of Valor, Here’s What It Looks Like!

GridGames.ID – Arena of Valor (AoV) has released another new skin that is special for Amily’s hero.

Amily is a hero warrior at a time assassin which is quite sick and a new skin called “Personal Assistant” this makes this beautiful hero more sexy while making the enemy fall asleep with his style.

Previously Amily also had a skin rare named “Arhanor’s Finest” which is no less beautiful than the police dress.

Amily skin price “Personal Assistant” this is for 590 vouchers and of course you must have this skin.

Here’s a look at Amily wearing this sexy secretary outfit in Arena of Valor (AoV):

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1. Passive Skill

Amily's passive skill

Amily’s passive skill

Amily with her flagship weapon in her shoes made herself sexier with white stockings and her secretary’s shirt.

2. First Skill

Amily's first skill

Amily’s first skill

This rare skin does not have any advantages in skill, but this is what Amily’s first skin looks like with her secretary outfit.


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