AMD Officially Announces RX 6000M Series, So the Best Gaming Laptop GPU?

Lisa Su as AMD CEO at Computex 2022 event


Lisa Su as AMD CEO at Computex 2022 event

GridGames.ID – Earlier this month, global technology companies such as AMD and Nvidia were competing to announce the latest gaming products.

On June 1, AMD announced a new mobile gaming GPU in the Radon RX 6000M Series.

AMD announced the RX 6000M through the Computex 2022 event held online on their official Youtube account.

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Unlike Nvidia, which releases gaming GPUs for desktop PCs, AMD tends to choose to announce gaming GPUs for laptops.

The ‘M’ code in the RX 6000M stands for ‘Mobile’ which means that this series GPU is specially created for laptop devices.

The Radeon RX 6000M is claimed by AMD as the latest and strongest gaming GPU series for laptops.

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Then, what are the GPU models in the AMD RX 6000M Series? See the explanation on the next page.


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