AMD Announces New Ryzen 5000G Gaming Processor, Check Out the Specifications!

Illustration of AMD Ryzen 5000G series

Illustration of AMD Ryzen 5000G series

GridGames.ID – AMD continues to develop the Ryzen 5000 processor by presenting a variety of new series according to market needs.

On May 13, AMD officially announced a new gaming series processor, the Ryzen 5000G.

In the Ryzen 5000G series, AMD added an integrated GPU that can improve graphics processing capabilities.

The addition of an integrated GPU is also able to increase the gaming performance and rendering of this processor.

AMD Ryzen 5000G poster


AMD Ryzen 5000G poster

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On AMD’s official website, there are 6 new APUs on display.

AMD claims that these 6 new APUs have high frame rates per second which are very suitable for gamers and content creator.

The new APUs in the 5000G processor consist of 3 APUs with 65W power and 3 APUs with 35W power.

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Let’s see the next page for a complete explanation of the specifications for the new 6 APU AMD Ryzen 5000G.


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