Alucard Riding a Motorcycle? This is the appearance of the newest skin, Obsidian Blade

GridGames.ID – Alucard rides a motorbike, Moonton kidding? Yep, Alucard really rides a motorbike. But, only in the newest skin, Obsidian Blade.

This skin is the latest Legendary skin presented by Moonton, as the developer of the Mobile Legends game, which is devoted to Alucard.

This fighter/assassin hero who has been present in Mobile Legends for a long time will ride a motorcycle only when he wants to recall.

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Obsidian Blade will spoil our eyes, where there is a special recall animation for Alucard which is super cool.

Animated effect when Alucard recalls Obsidian Blade skin


Animated effect when Alucard recalls Obsidian Blade skin

This cool skin will be available tomorrow, which is on May 26, 2022 in server time.

Not only will there be special animations during the recall, but all of Alucard’s visual skills will be made different from before, you know. Goks!

Alucard’s appearance design on this skin also looks more fierce, where Alucard is like a half-robot human with his clothes dominated by black.


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