Alternative ways to shut down Windows 10 PCs

Windows 10 still contains many hidden functions. Which I mentioned in a previous article features split screen and God mode, for this time I will say the alternative of turning off the PC or switch off.

What do you usually do to turn off the PC? By Start menu? or over Close the window (Alt + F4)? However, this method is old fashioned and no longer fun.

Is there another way? Of course there are other options too! For those of you who had it Smartphone With Windows Phone 8 or Windows 10 Mobile OS, it is definitely not alien to using this method to turn off the phone slide down to shut down.

It may be so in Windows 10, but this feature doesn’t seem to have been released yet so it still uses the manual method to enable it.

Activation is not that difficult, it is just a few steps. Curious, right? Let’s watch the tutorial:

1. Make a connections (can be done anywhere at Desktop or in a folder).

2. Fill location with % windir% System32SlideToShutDown.exe

3. Enter the name you want.

4. Then start the program by double-clicking on connections the.

5. Then it will appear slide to shutdown, Shift (draw) below for switch off or swipe up to cancel switch off.

That is an alternative way switch off under Windows 10. How? More fun isn’t it? And more modern. Especially if you have a tablet PC with Windows 10, it becomes even more yeah …

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