Allo, a chat application that can play 4 games. What Games?

Artificial app Google that is hello, now create features games in the application. Which of course will be very fun if played while playing chat with friends.

‚ÄúStarting today, you can play games with friends at window chat Google Allo, there are four games that are exclusively brought specifically for users hello in Indonesia. This game is available in Indonesian and English at Android,” say Google Indonesia.

Four games present in hello it is Pet Hotel, Chess Group, Toadal Pontage and Quick Draw.

1. Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel Google Allo

Pet Hotel is a game that invites you to become a hotel manager. The goal of the game is to keep all hotel guests happy. You can compete with your friends to become the favorite hotel for pets.

2. Group Chess

Chess Group Google Allo

Playing chess alone? Try it Chess Group which exist in hello. In this game, you don’t just play with a friend, but you can invite your group of friends to play chess. You just have to choose which side you want and move the pawns to defeat the opponent.

3. Toadal Pondage

Toadal Pondage Google Allo

Toadal Pondage is a game where you compete with your friends to drown their frogs before they drown yours.

4. Quick Draw

Quick Draw Google Allo

Quick Draw is a game that relies on machine learning. How to play, you just have to draw and the system will guess what is drawn. You can also challenge group friends to see who can draw the fastest.

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