All About Gear Hero The War of Genesis

Hey, admiral, where have you been playing? You must be addicted to playing The War of Genesis. If not, let’s download it here! This time I want to talk about Gear Hero in The War of Genesis. Come on, let’s come here and discuss more about Gear Hero.

Types of Hero Gear Types

All About Gear Hero The War of Genesis

There are so many types of gear in this game. Each gear used will cause a different effect. Different heroes, different types of gear are recommended. Let’s check the type of gear before use:

  • Fortitude Set : 2 Set : HP Boost 15%
  • Attack Set : 4 Set : ATK Boost 30%
  • Defense Set : 2 Set : DEF Boost 15%
  • Finesse Set : 4 Set : SPD Boost 10%
  • Focus Set : 2 Set : Critical Change 15%
  • Deathblow Set : 2 Set : Crit DMG Boost 25%
  • Accuracy Set: 2 Sets: 15% Boost skill accuracy
  • Resistance Set : 2 Set : Skill Res Boost 15%
  • Special Gear : No Effect

How to Equip Gear Hero

All About Gear Hero The War of Genesis

How to use the hero gear is by entering the Cabin. Then click the Gear Set tab, select the type of gear you want. After that click the gear then click equip. After equipping the gear effect, the hero will be active according to its type. If you want to replace equipment, you will be charged a fee, so think about it before equipping it.

How to Upgrade Hero Gear

All About Gear Hero The War of Genesis

Go to Inventory, click the Gear Hero tab. Select the gear to upgrade. Then click upgrade. Choose between Upgrade or Chain Upgrade. Chain Upgrades can be used for automatic upgrades up to the level you want to reach.

Gear level from 1 to 10 with a smaller chance of success. If you are lucky, you can get Great Success, which is one upgrade you can go up 2 levels. If you fail, the items will not disappear, only the money will decrease.

How to Make Hero Gear

All About Gear Hero The War of Genesis

In addition to buying and getting from gifts, you can also make your own Hero Gear. You do this by going to Forge and then clicking Create Hero Gear. Choose the type of gear and what gear you want to make. Then click Craft now to make it instant by paying with diamonds or you can also wait for free.

After that you can sell the gear directly or take it. You need more Forge materials and levels if you want to make high-level Hero Gear. You can also make artisan items by paying for the Uncle Golden Hammer which you can buy at the Shop.

What is the explanation for the Hero Gear The War of Genesis? If it’s not clear, comment below. For other The War of Genesis tutorials please click here!

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