Albertt On Fire, RRQ Hoshi Defeat Aura Fire in MPL ID S7 Week 6

RRQ Albertt


RRQ Albertt

GridGames.ID – The third week of MPL ID S7 6 days presents a super fierce game between ‘The King’ RRQ Hoshi against Aura Fire.

RRQ Hoshi and Aura Fire playing with line-up main and passionate.

RRQ Hoshi has the ambition to gain full points to return to the top standings of MPL ID S7.

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The match between RRQ Hoshi and Aura Fire was long and fierce.

The first game, both teams played safe with a choice of heroes who needed a lot of farming in the early game.

Aura Fire managed to show a good rotation in the early game by picking off players RRQ Hoshi.

However, RRQ Hoshi managed to get up in the mid game thanks to Albertt’s role by using the hero Claude.

In the 9th minute, Albertt and his team managed to kill the lord and were able to tear apart the Aura Fire defense.

Finally, Aura Fire had to be willing to give up the first game victory for ‘The King’ RRQ Hoshi with a score of 9-3.

Build items and score RRQ Hoshi vs Aura Fire Game 1


Build items and score RRQ Hoshi vs Aura Fire Game 1


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