Agata Ichiro’s Avatar Is Plagiarized by Japanese Indie VTuber, Kagami Kowloon

Through his backup Twitter account, Agata Ichiro has apologized for his ignorance to Kagami Kowloon and explained that the avatar was a gift from the agency he was affiliated with.

Agata Ichiro, a VTuber who identifies himself as a VTuber affiliate of the Dopaminer agency, a small vtuber agency from Indonesia. The VTuber was accused of plagiarizing the avatar of the Japanese indie VTuber, Kagami Kowloon. The accusations were made after Agata Ichiro promoted his debut broadcast. Not long after the accusation, the tweet was deleted.

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The original tweet of this reprimand has been deleted by the tweet’s owner but managed to capture it

Sorry, Agata Ichiro immediately deleted all his VTuber profiles

Not long ago, the VTuber account immediately underwent a complete overhaul, deleting all of his VTuber profiles so that they became a regular Twitter account. He also replied to the original owner’s tweet with a statement apologizing for not knowing that the avatar was the result of plagiarism. He also confirmed that the avatar was a gift from the agency that houses him, Dopaminers.official.


Some netizens doubt Agata Ichiro’s affiliation with Dopaminers

Even though the original owner of the avatar, Kagami Kowloon received an apology from Agata Ichiro and threw the blame on the agency that houses his former avatar user. Netizens still have doubts about Agata Ichiro’s confession because he was not featured in the agency’s talent roster before this drama took place.. Not to mention, they were surprised by the illustration style which was quite different from the existing agency talent roster. Although there are those who claim that the profile of the plagiarist was promoted via the agency’s Instagram Story. They speculated, it could be that the small agency became a scapegoat after he was caught plagiarizing to clean up his reputation. However, due to the lack of evidence, Netizens are just waiting for the drama case to continue by waiting for clarification from the agency that was harmed by this drama.

Agata Ichiro's Avatar Is Plagiarized by Japanese Indie VTuber, Kagami Kowloon - Otaku Mobileague
SS Dopaminers agency account with empty story

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