After New Map, Overwatch Leaks A Little New Hero Baptiste!

GridGames.ID – Overwatch seems to provide good news for its players because there will be a new hero after the Paris map is released.

This is certainly good news because this game owned by Blizzard Entertainment rarely releases heroes.

Overwatch itself apparently gave a little leak about this new hero via Twitter.

In tweets there is a video where it looks like data has been stolen until access is damaged. What heroes are you?

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It’s not just a video, you know, apparently there’s a hidden message for F. MCMANAWAY from T. NGUYEN which contains news that Captain Cuerva just disappeared.

T. Nguyen opened a message from Captain Cuerva that the reason he left was because he had to find Baptiste.

Baptiste is told as one of Cuerva’s team who is considered good and tough and leaves him

Cuerva gets a small message with the words “Meet me, Cuerva” and this is the reason Cueva is missing.

Now this shows that there is indeed a new hero in Overwatch and rumors say Bastiste is the name of the hero according to the message.

Unfortunately, Blizzard Entertainment has not provided information regarding the release date of this new hero.

Who can’t wait for this new Overwatch hero?


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