After Leaving from RRQ, Acil Officially Trains Flash Wolves MLBB Division

Acil officially becomes the MLBB coach in the Flashwolves Indonesia team


Acil officially becomes the MLBB coach in the Flashwolves Indonesia team

GridGames.ID – The latest news comes from the former coach of the Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) team in the Mobile Legends division, Acil.

This former Dota 2 pro player is known to have officially left RRQ at the end of 2022, precisely after the M1 World Championship in Malaysia was over.

The guy whose full name is Adi Syofian Asyauri is now devoting himself as a Mobile Legends coach on the Flash Wolves Indonesia team.

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The news that Acil is officially the coach of Mobile Legends at FlashWolves himself was announced through the official FlashWolves.ID Instagram account.

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The Instagram story of Flash Wolves itself shows Acil is signing a contract with the team with the wolf logo.

Acil signs contract with FlashWolves Indonesia


Acil signs contract with FlashWolves Indonesia

FlashWolves itself is an esports team that was officially founded in August 2012 and comes from Taiwan.

This wolf logo team has full support from Wanin International Co., Ltd and has various game divisions such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, Arena of Valor and PUBG.

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Now Flash Wolves is expanding its wings in Indonesia by forming the Mobile Legends division.

The Mobile Legends Division itself is filled with 6 roster namely Petra (Fiel) Giovanni, Prasetyo (Irish) Alfarisi, Reza (Azer) Kurniawan, Sopyan (Wisdom) Ade Saputra, Revaldy (Hooh) Ramadhan, and Advent (Rupture).


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