After Accompanying For 11 Years, FarmVille Will Close End of 2022

GridGames.ID – To You who used to like playing games on Facebook -duh, you know how old you are, you must be familiar with the game called “FarmVille”.

The game made by Zynga turns out to be nearing its “death” guys.

Through their official website, this decision was taken due to the discontinuation of Flash support by Adobe and Facebook.

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Zynga said Adobe will officially discontinue its online animation service, Flash Player, as of December 31, 2022.

“Therefore, all Flash-based games (including FarmVille) can no longer be played after 2022,” Zynga told GridGames, quoted from KompasTekno.

Farmville gameplay


Farmville gameplay

Don’t worry, FarmVille will not suddenly disappear, guys, but will be closed gradually.

Currently you can still play this game as usual, but the microtransaction service will be discontinued starting November 17.


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