After 6 months of being flooded with spam by Chinese antis, now Kiryu Coco can open her broadcast chat publicly

It is reported that the latest YouTube update has blocked third-party software that Chinese Antis use to send massive spam to Kiryu Coco whenever Kiryu Coco broadcasts or collaborates with other VTuber members.

keluku image by: @Moshi309

After more than 6 months Kiryu Coco had to limit her chat mode to membership only, YouTube is said to have updated their system. The update effectively cut off most of the spam indicated by the spammers in the Kiryu Coco chat column. With the update from YouTube, now Kiryu Coco can open her chat publicly without having to be flooded with spam sent by Antis.

Meme Review Broadcast with fellow VTuber Amane Kanata is the first broadcast in 6 months with chat open to the public.

Although there were a small number of scam messages that got through in the broadcast, the quick work of the volunteer moderator from Kiryu Coco worked so fast that the scam message account couldn’t send the message a second time.

Netizens speculate how the Antis China spam account filter process by YouTube

Although there has been no official notification of the procedure for filtering accounts suspected of being spam accounts used by anti-Chinese antis, netizens have speculated about how YouTube filters these spam accounts. Through a reference from the NGA website, a Chinese forum indicated as a base for the Antis to launch their attacks. Based on the translation using Deepl, the forum members complained that their spam accounts were forcibly removed by YouTube and were asked to re-verify to prove that they were the rightful owners of the spam account.

NGA forum excerpt, China Antis base
One of the photo snippets of an NGA user complaint whose spam account must be re-verified by YouTube

Antis who are members of the forum cannot reuse the account because one of the conditions for re-verification is to verify the phone number again. It seems impossible to verify using their phone number only for a spam account which means having to give up their regular account cannot be accessed again.

As a result, they can no longer use the spam program without being indicated by YouTube as a spam account. The antis’ last resort was to give dislike bombs which led to automatic spam cleaning from YouTube.

This update also helps YouTubers and VTubers who are also plagued by spam by Hater / Antis

System update from YouTube is also very helpful for other VTubers/YouTubers who are experiencing spam bullies from their Haters/Antis. Especially the small and indie VTubers who when bullied by the Chinese Antis will find their comments column flooded with spam messages.

Yumesaki Mia, one of the VTubers bullied by Chinese Antis for saying I love Taiwan in Chinese

It is hoped that the system update by YouTube can make Chinese antis really stop bullying VTubers who hurt their egos and look for other more useful activities.

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