AFAID’s Journey in Indonesia Wow Anime Festival Since 2012

AFAID’s journey in Indonesia

Anime Festival Asia or what people call AFA is a series of events that can be called the “Feast of the Wealth People” in Asia. Based in Singapore, Sozo, as the maestro behind the magic that is encapsulated in this one festival, AFA is already present in several countries in Asia. These countries are Indonesia, Thailand and also Malaysia. When compared to Malaysia and Thailand, Indonesia is one of the lucky ones because it has become a regular place for AFA to be held since 2012. Even though AFAID’s journey has not been smooth for the past 2 years, this grandest anime festival is ready to air again.

With the soaring regeneration of Japanese anime fans in Indonesia, it seems that AFA is sure to hold the festival again which they have been running for 12 years. AFAID 2022 is expected to meet expectations from all walks of life and bring back memories of past anime festivals.

AFAID's journey in Indonesia
AFAID’s journey in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Grandest Anime Festival

AFAID’s journey in Indonesia began in 2012 and has been held 5 times, after that AFA changed its concept to C3AFA in 2022.

AFAID visitors average 54,000 people annually, with the most at AFAID 2013 as many as 61,953 visitors.

On average, AFAID’s visitors so far have reached 54,000 people with 3 days of operation. Starting from Friday, Saturday to Sunday. AFAID is held most often at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, which has a fairly large area, and also has adequate access. In addition to the JI Expo, AFAID has also been held at the JCC, which is located at GBK (Gelora Bung Karno) Jakarta. JCC is indeed more central, but it seems that it is common knowledge that venue rentals here are quite expensive and very crowded. In 2022 the AFA Indonesia C3 event was also held at ICE BSD, in the city of Tangerang.

The Journey of the Grandest Anime Festival in Indonesia, AFAID.  Back in 2022 - Otaku Mobileague
AFAID’s journey in Indonesia

List of AFAID Indonesia

AFAID 2012

AFAID 2012 became the first AFAID to be held in Indonesia, with an extraordinary line-up of artists capable of meeting the target audience. In addition, well-known cosplayers were also enlivened, accompanied by Maid and Butler Cafe.

Date: 1,2,3 Sep 2012
Venue: JI Expo
Attendees: 40,000
Artist Line Up: 7!!, Ichiro Mizuki, Angela, Bless4, LiSA, Kotoko, SEA*A, ​​and Stereopony

AFAID 2013

In its second year, AFAID 2013 presented an even better line up of artists than the previous year. While the content is still full of international Cosplay artists, maid and butler cafes as well as exhibition booths.

i Love Anisong Concert Line Up

Date: 6, 7, 8 Sep 2013
Venue: Jakarta Convention Center
Attendees: 53,000
Artist Line Up: Aya Hirano, Eir Aoi, May’n, Kalafina, Baby Metal, Fripside. Denpagumi Inc, DJ Kazu, Angelina Hirano

AFAID 2014

The Anisong concert is still something that AFAID’s loyal visitors have been waiting for. Maid and butler cafe still enliven Exhibition and creator hub. Don’t forget about cosplay, which is also getting more exciting with the ARCC (AFA Regional Cosplay Championship)

Date: 15, 16, 17 Aug 2014
Venue:Jakarta Convention Center
Attendees: 55,000
Artist Line Up: Egoist, Eir Aoi, GARNiDELiA, Hachioji P, DJ Kazu, Luna Haruna, TM Revolution, JKT48.

AFAID 2022

Old anime lovers like Naruto will be happy with FLOW’s presence at AFAID 2022. The i Love Anisong line up is still really good to enjoy. Games and anime series also enliven the course of this event.

Date: 25,26,27 September 2022
Venue: JI Expo
Attendees: 60.558
Artist Line Up: FLOW, GARNiDELiA, motsuXKaya, LiSA, Nano, Yanaginagi

AFAID 2022

AFAID Finally in Indonesia, because next year will use the name C3 AFA.

The Journey of the Grandest Anime Festival in Indonesia, AFAID.  Back in 2022 - Otaku Mobileague

Date: 16,17,18 September 2022
Venue: Jakarta International Expo
Attendees: 61,953
Artist Line Up: AIMER, ELISA, BLESS4, Alisa Takigawa, Livetune+, MotsuXKaya, Lia, Nano, Mayaa Uchida.

C3 AFA Jakarta 2022

Not as grand as Afa in the previous 2 years, but still many visitors. The concept is still the same, there is no big difference

Date: 18,19,20 Aug 2022
Venue: Jakarta International Expo
Attendees: 50.080

The Journey of the Grandest Anime Festival in Indonesia, AFAID.  Back in 2022 - Otaku Mobileague
Artist Line Up C3AFA JAKARTA 2022

C3 AFA Jakarta 2022

Date: Aug 31, Sep 1, Sep 2 2022
Venue: Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
Attendees: 57,528
Artist Line Up: Band Maid, Egoist, Ami Wajima, Konomi suzuki, Mashiro Ayano, Megumi Nakajima, True.

What you will find on AFAID

There are many things that you can find at the Anime Festival Asia Indonesia, let’s list it below

  • Local Cosplayers and also Meet foreign cosplayers
  • Cosplay Competition
  • Food and Maid Buttler Cafe
  • Anisong Concert
  • Booth Creator
  • Toys (action figures, and official merchandise)
  • Game and Animation (film or series)
  • Fun Stage Activities
  • Can I ask for the signature of the voice actor, artist, idol (buy it, guys)

So what about Mobitachi, a little review about the trip of the grandest Anime Festival in Indonesia? Can’t wait for C3AFA 2022 in Jakarta this year? Save up first so we can make mistakes together

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