Aerowolf LIMAX Cannot Join Worldwide PUBG Mobile League. Why?

Aerowolf LIMAX


Aerowolf LIMAX

GridGames.ID – Shocking news came from the PUBG Mobile Indonesia esports realm.

One of the proud teams of the country, Aerowolf LIMAX, has declared its right to be revoked to participate in PUBG Mobile leagues around the world.

The revocation of this right is indeed not forever, but within a certain period of time, namely until December 31, 2022.

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This bad news was announced directly by PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia on its Instagram social media today (16/6).

“This is a reaction to Aerowolf LIMAX’s mismanagement which has caused financial losses to the professional players on this team,” wrote PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia in its post.

PUBG Mobile Esports Indonesia confirmed that the one who was sanctioned was the management of Aerowolf LIMAX and not the players.

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Investigate a calibaration, the problems mentioned are regarding financial losses from management to the players.

So, what are the financial losses experienced by Aerowolf LIMAX players? See the answer on the next page.


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