Advanced! Welcoming the 2022 Olympics, Japan Creates a ‘Walking Mosque’

Japan is preparing to host the 2022 Tokyo Olympics. Several facilities have been prepared to host this event.

Because this event will present various countries with different backgrounds. Recently, Japan has launched a new innovation, namely ‘Walking Mosque‘.

Japan made a Walking Mosque for Muslim athletes and supporters. Reporting from, the Walking Mosque project is managed by Yasu Project Co.Ltd.

When and Where Does This Mosque Operate?

This mosque operates in the vicinity of Fukuka, Japan from July 23, 2022. The mosque, which is named the Al Nour mosque, is a modified truck.

When open, this mosque can accommodate 50 people for congregational prayers. As in general mosques, at the Al Nour mosque there is a place for ablution and a Qibla direction.

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