Adding stickers and neon text to photos on Android

Would you like to add a neon effect? text on your photo? If so, then you have come to the right place. Kali Inwepo is going to share a simple trick for adding neon effects text on photos on Android.

Who doesn’t currently have Smartphone? Almost everyone has that, of course. The development of time and also technological sophistication have led us into a new era like today. In the mobile sector in particular, we can now feel a device Cell phone, mobile phone with a million functions inside. Of course, if you are an Android user there are plenty of applications that you can useTo install in Smartphone You with very different uses.

In this day and age almost all activities can be accomplished through the use of. get supported Smartphone. For example, like photography, in Smartphone There is currently a camera with a resolution that is good enough to capture every moment.

But it’s not enough, sometimes we still use assistive editing applications to make our photos more interesting. Well this time we’re going to try to create a neon effect text without having to use a computer or software Photoshop. Only armed with Smartphone and the steps are very simple. Instead of being curious, just go ahead Tutorialsit down.


1. First step, download and To install first Neony application.

2. In the second step, open the application Tap Then allow access to be granted Tap Your photo Add background Photo from the gallery.

3. In the third step, choose the ratio you want to use when it’s done Tap Crop menu above to continue.

4. Fourth step, Tap to enter text to add posts later Tap menu Fonts switch Font styles.

5. Step five, Tap menu Text forms to set the text size, rotation and others. Tap Neon effect to change the neon color, adjust the brightness and also the shadow.

6. In the sixth step you can also add stickers Tap Sticker menu. If you think that’s enough Tap menu Save on computer to save it in the gallery Smartphone.

That is the tutorial on how to add stickers and neon text to photos on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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