Add administrator to LINE @ Official

Of course, for line @ -official users, managing an account is difficult when there is only one administrator.

Especially when the official line account is intended for buying and selling. If functions Chat activated, then a lot of buyers or inquiries come, we really need help to answer Chat the.

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Line @ at has a function to add more than one admin or line @ account manager with restrictions on the “operator” status.

Operator administrators can only reply to chats and posts on the timeline and cannot add new administrators, let alone delete accounts.

Now for those who want to officially add a new admin to line @, there are two options, namely via the line @ application on a smartphone and via Website, here are the instructions:

How to add an administrator via the line @ app

1. Install the line @ application on Smartphone, open the line @ app – AdministerManage members and accounts.

2. Choose Manage members.

3. Choose Members.

4. Choose + Add another user.

5. Choose a path invite. For example “Send invitation on LINE”.

the terms of the person who wants invite must be friends online first.

6. Select the friend you wantinvite.

How to add an administrator via the line @ manager website

1. Open the official line @ admin url address with the browser

2. Select the official LINE @ account that you want to add a new administrator to.

3. Enter the menu Settings – Manage user permissions – Add another user.

4. Select the type of administrative staff Authorization type: Administrator or Operating personnel, then click the button subjects Urls.

5. After clicking the button subjects The url shows the url address in the column below, please Copy The URL of the LINE user who wants to be the new administrator.


important information

• How to add a type Administrator (highest access rights) can only be done by the second method, namely by website Admin line.

• Be careful if you use the type “Administrator” because it can manage everything including deleting accounts Administrator Main thing and others. If you invite someone you don’t know and get administrator rights, your line @ account could be stolen, you should use it “Operating staff” only.

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