Action-packed tower defense in Leturn: Defense of Magic!

You could say genre Tower defense has developed significantly from year to year of its publication. True to its name, originally Tower defense present Style of play where you have to build towers that can attack incoming waves of enemies. The goal is that the enemies do not reach and destroy objects that you are defending, such as crystals, portals or maybe castles.

Well, little by little, not only towers can be built. Still remember with Crystal defender made by Square Enix? In the game these towers are replaced by incantation Characters in different job with various specialization attacks. So for those of you who like nuances Tower defense oh I see Crystal defender, Dreams Studio by Batam in collaboration with Niji Games from Jakarta has just been released Letturn: Defense of Magic in the Google Play Store.

Letturn: Defense of Magic puts you in a wizard who has to defend your magical kingdom from the invading evil forces. You’ll have to assign your best mages to end the incoming waves of enemy attacks. These mages have different classes with different types of attack. So you need to mix the right combination of mages to complete each level.

Defend the magic

Each mage has a special ability whose power you can increase. You can also develop any of them further with four grade levels. Slightly different from Tower defense Most of the time, you won’t find a winding path to place wizards. You can only place them at the bottom of the screen and enemies will come from above. In addition, you can also tap the screen to determine the direction of attack of your mages.

Defend the magic

Games this itself triggered a phase betashe has been since last year and am getting feedback which is quite positive in the Google Play Store. Even before it was released Games It has also received several awards such as: Best game design in Indie Game Ignite Compfest XI and Fan Favorite Weekly Vote at the Game Developer World Championship 2022.

Defend the magic

Letturn: Defense of Magic currently only available for platform Android only, and there is no news from the developer as to when the iOS version of this game will be released. For those willing to 10. to welcome Games The most awaited Indonesia in 2022, Letur could be an option to play with.

Letturn: Defense of Magic download (Google Play Store, free of charge)

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