Absorbed! Playstation 5 Price Not Affected By Corona Virus

GridGames.ID – Questions about the exact release date for PS5 and Xbox Series X keep popping up.

To answer this question, Sony has confirmed that the PS 5 release date will be set for Holiday 2022.

They also note that the coronavirus has not had a significant impact on supply at launch.

PlayStation 5 design plan

PlayStation 5 design plan

Speaking with the CNET site, Playstation boss Jim Ryan confirmed that there is no disruption to Sony’s plans to launch the PS5 worldwide later this year.

Usually, the launch of a new major game system is accompanied by a sale, as demand often far exceeds the available supply.

This is of course a problem that Sony experienced when the PS4 first launched.

It seems Sony is more concerned about supply issues than the impact caused by the Corona virus.

In an interview conducted with the BBC, Ryan also provided information that the ongoing pandemic has not affected PS5 pricing decisions.

PlayStation5 Dual DualSense Controller Display

PlayStation Blog

PlayStation5 Dual DualSense Controller Display

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The manufacture of the PS5 is speculated to have an impact on the leakage of information about the shape of the PS5, even though we already know how the PS5 controller, DualSense will look like.


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