A3 Still Alive Ready for Global Launch

After being released in May this year in South Korea, A3 Still Alive was finally brought to the Indonesian scene by Netmarble. As part of the global launch for this game itself, Indonesia is seen as one of the right markets due to the large number of MMORPG and Battle Royale players. So, what is this A3 Still Alive game like? Let’s see.

What is A3 Still Alive?

A3 Still Alive is a Battle Royale MMORPG for mobile. This game itself is a successor to the A3 MMORPG game which was released in the mid-2000s. A3 itself as a precursor to A3 Stay Alive, has a focus on PVP or PK. However, for A3 Stay Alive itself, it will develop the core PVP gameplay and make it the first in the merging of the MMORPG and Battle Royale genres.

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The merging of these two genres means that there will be two separate modes, namely MMORPG and Battle Royale. With one character that you create, you will be able to play both and in a unique concept where player development in both modes will influence each other, this game will give players the freedom to choose how to develop themselves. However, it is highly recommended to do both for greater results because what you win in Battle Royale will affect the development of the MMORPG gameplay, and vice versa.

MMORPG Mode A3 Stay Alive

In MMORPG mode, players will be able to do farming like other MMORPG games. In addition to playing a custom character developed by himself, in this mode the player will also go on an adventure with his own AI party called Soul Linker. Soul Linker itself consists of 3 types, namely ATK which has a strong attack, DEF which prevents monsters from approaching the player and increases defense, and Support which is in charge of restoring HP and Debuff for unwanted statuses.

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In this MMORPG mode, it is inseparable from the PK system which is the core of A3, but unlike Battle Royale which focuses on it, this can be done during Dark Presence. In this special event, players will be able to do Free PK, because the lore in the game that makes the red moon turn friends into enemies.

PK solo or together in Battle Royale

In this mode, players will be pitted against 29 other players, where each player will fight in an arena filled with darkness where the focus is on sound. With the aim of being the last survivor and having passed 4 existing territories, players who can win this mode will get experience for themselves and their soul linkers, which means increasing their abilities in MMORPG mode. In addition, the Battle Royale mode itself is not limited to solo PVP, but there is also a Team Battle mode where you can work together with 2 other players.

So how Mobidachi, are you already interested in this hybrid game? If so, prepare yourself to try it because pre-registration for the Indonesian region will start on September 24, 2022. So, what do you think about this game? Come on, write it down below.

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