A tip to impersonate among us, Direct Auto Win!

A tip to impersonate among us, Direct Auto Win! Recently, the game Among Us has attracted a lot of attention and quickly became one of the most popular games.

This game, which requires players to accuse and disguise, has actually existed since 2022. As of August 2022, downloads have increased by up to 661%, equivalent to 18.4 million downloads.

Some of us are called fraudsters and crew. If you become a scammer, you have to be careful not to get caught. Therefore, SPIN Esports provides tips for becoming a winning scammer.

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Tips scammers

Tips for spoofing

1. Fake task

Like a crew member who has a task, Impostor also has a fake task. You need to perform fake tasks while looking for the right time to kill. If you are prosecuted, you can call a fake task in the left corner to enhance your alibi.

2. Use the vent carefully

The advantage of Impostor is that it has vents that you can use. You can use the vents to move quickly from place to place. Please wait a few seconds before moving. Someone may enter the vent room and catch you out of the vent.

3. Use the sabotage function

Sabotage scammer

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This feature is only available to Impostor and can be used to the fullest. You can use this function to separate the crew, such as turning off electricity and oxygen and closing the door.

In addition to killing, the crew will definitely panic, so if the situation is urgent, you can also use this feature to escape.

4. Self-report

If you kill, you can self-report first. This causes the crew to believe that you have found the first victim, not as a scammer.

But you also need to be careful. If you find a crew member near the murderer’s room, you can make this report.

Here are some tips for Impostor between Us to win the match. I hope this helps.

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