A hobby hidden in FF? This is your weapon!

Getting Booyah in Free Fire (FF) games is not an easy task. Especially if you are already in a high rank.

Free Fire players have different types of strategies to become the last person / last unit to survive on the map.

One of them is by hiding according to the course of the zone, or commonly referred to as ngendok.

Alcoholic players can survive to the end zone where there are few enemies. This is because they are away from combat so they don’t die first.

Well, for players who like to play hiding / hiding, there are some recommended weapons that are easy to use!

Weapon recommendations for Ngendok players!


The damage and the very wide range of SVDs ensure that you can reward running enemies while hiding.

If you are suddenly attacked by an enemy, prepare an AUG and slaughter anyone who enters your hiding place.

Since the rate of fire is high, of course there is no doubt that it will be wiped out by aiming!

M82B and UMP / MP40

The M82B has a fairly large glue wall penetration, which helps to break the glue wall.

Furthermore, by equipping the SMG weapon as a sub-weapon, it is possible to reliably kill the opponent at a close distance.

Choose a home or place to stay that is very comfortable to see your enemies from all directions, and avoid open areas.

Choose the SMG from the UMP or MP40 you’ve been using, or whatever you think is the best.


This one deadly weapon is very important. Because some people thought the AWM was also very suitable as a short range weapon to play ngendok.

You can think of it as an additional shotgun with the AWM, but the damage is so great that you can imagine fighting at close range.

VSS installed in the auto weapon Ripper bullet, It also damages the enemy.

If you often play stealth from the map, you can try the recommended weapons above.

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