A game made by fans among us Single player version, among you!

Game Among Us has a single player version created by Youtuber!

Do you still remember the controversial games that boomed during the pandemic?

Game Among Us is a game that has reached hundreds of millions of downloads in just a few weeks and is spread nationwide.

Many become fans of this simple game and ruin the relationships of their friends.

A fan who is also a Youtuber Tokite, We have created a game between us that can only be played by one person.

This game he titled Among you It’s our twin game, so let’s see what it looks like!

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A fan-made twin game between you and us!

This game talks about you on a spaceship trying to figure out who killed the ship’s crew.

If you are interested in purchasing, please click the image above!

Tokainty said this game is a genre game Speedrun horror You need to look for clues and avoid the scammers behind you as the last person.

He created the game in less than 48 hours, and a video uploaded to YouTube shows how he created the game.

Speaking of similarities with us, this game looks exactly like us, but it’s still different.

Amonng You allows you to turn on the lights and create a safe zone so you can safely inspect your room.

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Can you play it?

Tokaint talked about this, and he said in the video he tried to release the game by name SUS, And are looking for feedback from the audience.

If there are really many people who agree and support this Tokaint game, the game will soon be released on IOS and Android.

This Youtuber is known to be very active in making games similar to us on his Youtube and has many subscribers.

So what do you think of the Among Us single player game? Would you like to give it a try?

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