A combination of the three best crew FF character skills in Free Fire!

Free Fire enthusiasts should already know that on July 8th, Free Fire developer Garena released a new character in the game called Clu.

With the arrival of crew in FF, many players are buying games to get and try these new characters.

The crew has a skill called Trace Step, which can detect enemies standing nearby.

Would you like to combine Clu with other character skills for squad mode players? Now, in this article, we’ll talk about three FF character skills that match your Clu Free Fire character!


Crew Free Fire Skill

Skill Clu can detect the position of an enemy standing within 50 meters for 7 seconds. This is neither a long time nor a long distance, so Clu’s skill is very suitable to combine with Kelly’s skill. Kelly has the passive skill to move fast while running. Therefore, you can combine these two character skills by activating the crew skill, and as soon as you find the enemy’s whereabouts, you can run up and attack the enemy!


Skill Crew Free Fire

A roller skill called a sharp shooter improves the accuracy of shots when using the scope. This skill makes Laura a great shooter when using powerful weapons such as FAMAS and AK. Therefore, this skill is very suitable for combination with the trace step skill. When the Clu skill marks an enemy’s position on the minimap, Laura can immediately target the enemy and shoot much more accurately than using any other character.

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Skill Crew Free Fire

If you have the information to use your Clu skills, you and your team may play more aggressively. Capella skills are useful here because you play more aggressively and are more likely to be damaged by your enemies. At the highest level, Capella’s passive skills increase the effectiveness of healing items by 20%, allowing you to play more aggressively with crew skill information and heal faster with Capella skills.

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