9 Ways To Choose The Right Hosting For Your Website

Hosting is a place to store data and files online on-line such as scripts, images, videos, applications, and databases that can be accessed and managed over the Internet with a computer or the Internet Smartphones.

Hosting generally takes the form of a server computer, the difference is that the best hosting has qualified technology, has high specifications and is connected to high speed internet.

If you want to create a site or website, Hosting is required to store files and data website so later website They are available to all users on the Internet around the world.

Hosting provided by service providers host and we can rent it for storage website that we have. There are different types of hosting services, namely Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS (virtual private server) and colocation server.

Usually for website Standard or initial, just use shared hosting. Whereas website In the case of high requirements with many visitors, it is more advisable to use VPS or dedicated hosting.

For those of you who don’t yet know how to choose the right hosting for your needs website You, this is where the author shares the information so that you don’t buy the wrong hosting.

1st Prize

Before buying, you need to check the price of each hosting provider, both Indonesia hosting and overseas hosting. You can first compare the prices of the packages on offer. Adapt to budget and what you need you can use a coupon code from promohosting.id website to get a discount.

2. Hosting type

Before buying any hosting, you need to know the type of hosting you will need. Some types of hosting that are widely used:

  • Share hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated server

For those of you with low traffic or beginners in the world website, the type of shared hosting is the right choice. Share hosting can accommodate 100,000 visitors per month. However, when the number of your visitors hits 1 million per month, you need to switch to a VPS or a dedicated server.

3. Capacity and bandwidth

After you know the type and price of hosting you want, you need to know the hosting capacity and bandwidth offered. Because if the capacity is small, it cannot hold a large number of files website that you have, and if the bandwidth is limited, then if the bandwidth exceeds the specified limit (limited) what happens later, your site will be inaccessible.

One of the hosting plans unlimited Bandwidth (unlimited) for the type of shared hosting that is Niagahoster, you can use a Niagahoster promo code to get a discount.

4. Hosting technology and features

Seeing the specifications of the computer technology and the features used by the hosting service is one of the supports for us to select the hosting service that we want to rent. For example, the type of processor or core used, the amount of RAM used, the type of hard drive using or not using an SSD, and the network speed.

You can also compare the features it offers like free SSL services, Cpanel, etc.

5. Server quality

Knowing the server quality of the hosting service provider is imperative so that you know, for example, where the server is located in Indonesia, Singapore or other countries. The closer the distance, the better the quality of the server for quick access.

6. Customer service

Also, the other most important thing is service Customer service who offers a 24-hour and reliable service to answer problems and to help if problems arise on your website, such as B. Inaccessibility or Error You can ask for service help Customer service which is available.

7. Quality system security

Of course, every hosting service provider always offers the best security system services, make sure the hosting service is always available up to date with software used and used Original software. Choose a trusted and recommended hosting.

Then you also have to take care of the security on your part, for example by using WordPress, original plugins and themes and not installing scripts that harm your site.

8. Payment method

Of course, after knowing the 7 pieces of information above, you also need to choose a hosting service that will make it easy for us to pay, choose a payment method that is easy to use. For example, the ability to use bank transfer payments, online transfer and payment methods that you think are easy to use.

9. User reviews

The last one is based on reviews and valuation User. Reviews are one of the supports for us in determining the best hosting to use. Reviews are the result of the experiences of users who have used the hosting service. You can see reviews or review from the internet as well as comments from the site and social media hosting.

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The promo codes available are also exclusive and the additional discounts you get are higher than when using promo codes from other websites. As an example of buying hosting from Niagahoster, the author is trying to use a coupon code from another website, namely coupon code a-TO UPDATE you only get a discount of about 5%. In the meantime, if the author uses the coupon code on promohosting.id, namely with the coupon code PROMOHOSTING, we can get an additional 10% discount, save more, right? Please prove it yourself.

So good luck and choose the right hosting for your website.

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