9 Things You Must Do When Ranked Mobile Legends

When someone wants to get promoted to a higher rank. Then you have to play in ranked mode. However, playing in ranked mode is quite difficult, especially if you are ranked solo play.

Losing a star is quite painful, especially if you lose under circumstances epic comeback. But don’t worry, SmartTips.com will give you what you must do so you don’t lose when ranked.

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Do This If You Don’t Want To Lose Stars When Ranked

When you have lost a star, maybe you are desperate to get that star back again. For that, pay close attention below so you don’t lose stars when ranked.

1. Not Selfish in Choosing Hero

Not Selfish in Choosing Hero

Not Selfish in Choosing Hero

First, you should not be selfish in choosing a hero. Because, the selection of heroes can be decisive in winning in a team victory. Each hero has a different role.

There are those who become protectors (tanks), fighters (fighters/assassins) or become supporters (support). Well, you can imagine if in your team there is a widely used tank hero or fighter hero.

You can be sure that you will lose easily. At least in 1 team there are mages, tanks, marksman, fighter/assassins and support even though this type is rarely used when ranked.

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2. Always Pay Attention to the Map

Always Pay Attention to the Map

Always Pay Attention to the Map

Next you have to pay attention to the map. When you pay attention to the map, you will know the position of yourself, friends and enemies. By paying attention to the map. You will know the position of the enemy who wants to attack from behind.

If you don’t pay attention to the map, you are easily killed by enemies so you will be left behind in levels and you will have a hard time fighting them. So basically you are required to see the map.

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3. Focus on Getting the Best Build Items

Focus on Getting Build Items

Focus on Getting Build Items

Next you have to focus on getting the best build items. Each hero must have the best different build items. What’s more, to buy a build item you must have quite a lot of gold.

So try to do farming both on the lane and in the jungle to get the best build items. The hero who already has the best build item, then the hero has considerable damage both from basic attacks and from attacks skills-his.

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4. Using an Over Power (OP) hero

Using OP Hero

Using OP Hero

Next you can use a hero who is over power (OP). Hero over power is a hero who has damage above average. Usually the hero that has just been released must have a lot of damage OP.

Not only that, there must be other heroes who are being buffed or upgraded, both basic attacks and skills. Well, if you use Hero OP then you can kill enemies easily and win matches easily too.

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5. Utilize Turtle Early in the Game

Killing Turtle

Killing Turtle

Next you kill the turtle as much as possible at the beginning of the game. Killing the turtle will give you XP for levels and gold that you can use to buy build items.

However, to kill the turtle you have to be with friends. The reason is, the turtle itself has blood and attack power that is large enough so that you are quite difficult to kill it.

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6. Stealing the opponent’s turret

Stealing the Turret

Stealing the Turret

Next you have to steal the opponent’s turret. To win the match, you are required to destroy the turret. Well, for that try to steal the turret while your friends will seek attention from the enemy.

Stealing the opponent’s turret is not easy, you must be able to see the situation so as not to be killed by the enemy from behind. For that, your friends must attract the attention of the enemy.

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7. Doing War with the Right Position and Time

Paying Attention to the Right Position and Time When War

Paying Attention to the Right Position and Time When War

Then you as much as possible you do the war with the right time. When in a match, you will definitely do war. Well, but don’t do war carelessly.

It’s better to do war with the right position and time so that when you’re at war your team will win and not get wiped out which is where all the heroes die.

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8. Utilizing God

Killing Lord

Killing Lord

Next you have to take advantage of the lord. Well, with God’s help, you can win easily. However, to make a lord help your team. You have to kill him first.

However, to kill a lord is not easy. You have to be together to kill him. Because, lord has damage and blood that is big enough than tutle so you won’t be able to kill him alone.

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9. Stay Compact and Cooperate with each other

Compact and Collaborative

Compact and Collaborative

Finally, you have to be compact with each other and work together in battle, both to attack (push) and defend (defense). Well, if you stick together. The enemy will find it difficult to win the match.

Can you imagine if the team is not cohesive or cooperating. It will definitely be easy to lose and you will lose stars just like that. So don’t let the team not be compact and work together.

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Well, that’s him 9 Things You Must Do So You Don’t Lose When Ranked in Mobile Legends. If you have any other suggestions or opinions. Please give it in the comments column and don’t forget to Share this article so that more people know.

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