9 Portraits of Jakarta Tempo Doeloe (Comfortable, Beautiful and Pollution Free)

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, when talking about the state of Jakarta, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely about traffic jams and frequent flooding.

Have you ever wondered how the portrait of Jakarta in the past? Well, we will discuss it in the following article. Come on, just take a look at the article!

Old Jakarta Street Conditions

Hey, it turns out that the road conditions in Jakarta weren’t as chaotic as it is now, guys. Well, here are some portraits of Jakarta Tempo Doelo which are very beautiful, comfortable, and free of fusion.

1. Jalan MH Thamrin 1970


Jalan MH Thamrin

This one portrait on Jalan MH Thamrin in 1970 guys, the road is still very tenuous. Is it really different, guys, with the current MH Thamrin Street?

2. Jalan Gatot Subroto (Kartika Plaza) 1972


Gatot Subroto street

Well, if this one is a portrait of Jalan Gatot Subroto. More precisely at Kartika Plaza guys, this photo was taken in 1972.

3. Megaria Cinema 1975


Megaria Cinema

Hey, it turns out that cinema has always been famous, guys. However, for Megaria cinema, this one is the cinema that is most frequently visited by the public.

Well, it turns out that in 1975 the streets near the Megaria cinema were not as crowded as they are now, guys. It looks very relaxed, unlike now which is already crowded by road users.

4. Ciliwung River


Ciliwung River

The Ciliwung River is a very famous place for the accumulation of garbage, right guys? But, it turns out that the Ciliwung River was not as dirty as it is now, guys. In fact, it looks very clear at all.

5. HI Roundabout


HI roundabout

When we pass through this street, it’s not crowded, isn’t it, guys? This area is a place where people go to work. Well, but guys, if you see this one portrait, it’s very calming, guys.

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6. The 1969 Pancoran Statue


Pancoran Statue

The pancorang statue is a very famous statue in the Jakarta area, in 1969 this place was still very quiet, guys.

7. Dukuh Atas 1971


Upper Hamlet

In 1971, Jalan Dukuh Atas was still very quiet, guys. Unlike now, TransJakarta is available in the Dukuh Atas area.

8. Clover of the Year 1971



This portrait was taken in 1971, it looks very cool, guys. If you look at the portrait, it turns out that double-decker buses have existed since ancient times, guys. Haha

9. The 70s (Similar to Europe) The 70s


Similar to Europe

Hey, don’t think that this is in Europe, guys. This is the state of Jakarta in the 70s, guys, it’s very beautiful, isn’t it? Hey, it’s very different from Jakarta today.

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