89 years old, this grandmother is still playing GTA and COD, isn’t she good at it?

Mori Hamako the Gamer Grandma


Mori Hamako the Gamer Grandma

GridGamesID – Generally the game players come from among young people or teenagers.

But now we can also easily find a lot of adults aka fathers and mothers who are busy playing games.

Not quite there, recently an 89-year-old grandmother has attracted attention because she is still diligent in playing games.

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Reporting from World of Buzz, this grandmother is named Mori Hamako and comes from Japan.

The fun thing is, Hamako’s grandmother’s favorite games are Call of Duty (COD) and Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

Investigate a calibaration, Hamako’s grandmother has been actively playing these two games for almost 4 decades or 40 years.

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Quoted from Game Spark, Hamako’s grandmother started playing console games in 1981. At that time the console used was Cassette Vision.

After that he began to switch to popular consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) which became hits in Japan.

Not only playing games, apparently Hamako’s grandmother also has a Youtube channel with gaming content called ‘Gramer Grandma’.

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